CycoreFX Manual

Manual for the CycoreFX version that comes bundled with After Effects CS5.x (PDF).

Download: Mac/Win (1.5MB)

CycoreFX Basic Project

This project should give a "basic" introduction to all filters and their key features, except for Particle World (PW is covered in it's own project), and is a good companion to the CycoreFX Manual. The Particle World project can also be used as a more in depth guide for all particle system since they have a lot of controls in common.

Download: Mac/Win (2.7MB)

Particle World Demo (AE CS5)

This project tries to cover as many features/options as possible in Particle World. ReadMe is included.

Download: Mac/Win (3.6MB)

Time Blend FX Fun

This project shows how to use two Time Blend FX filters to repeat other effects parameters in a loop. The result is a "hairy" drive experience. ReadMe is included.

Download: Mac/Win (10.8MB)

Link AE3D to PW3D

This project shows how to link After Effects 3D coordinates to Particle World 3D coordinates using expressions. ReadMe is included.

Download: Mac/Win (30KB)

Classic Particle Systems FFX

These Animation Presets makes it possible to apply and use the obsolete versions of PS Classic and PS Classic LE in After Effects CS5 and CS4, without having to open old projects that uses the plug-ins.

Download: Mac/Win (4KB)